Will Eno and the terrible fate of being understood

“It seems that the search for the self has had a good hundred year run, or 150 year run here, and I thought maybe some slight corrective was needed,” says Eno.

Interview with ‘Cry Old Kingdom’ playwright Jeff Augustin [AUDIO]

“What is the role of an artist during times of great tyranny?”

Review: ‘Cry Old Kingdom’ a promising debut

“Directed by Tom Dugdale, ‘Cry Old Kingdom’ is the ambitious story of three individuals searching for a clear pathway through a terrifying political climate. It’s a strong, if slightly uneven, debut from a young playwright with great potential.”

Review: ‘Gnit’ is smart, funny, tough to love

“‘Gnit’ is wickedly funny, relentlessly intelligent and very well-executed by director (and artistic director) Les Waters, the cast and the design team. It’s also tough to love.”

An interview with ‘Appropriate’ playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

“Disturbing secrets are revealed and the siblings clash over clutter, debt and family history.”

Sitting In On Rehearsals Before The Plays

At Actors Theatre of Louisville, apprentice Samantha Beach sits in on rehearsals for the five productions at this year’s Humana Festival.

An Interview with Humana Festival Playwright Sam Marks

WFPL’s Erin Keane spoke with playwright Sam Marks about fatherhood, success, and his play’s journey from draft to the Humana Festival.