‘Gnit’ Goes High-Concept For Jokes, But Some Fall Flat

“After two and one-half hours (including intermission), I found myself just wishing Peter Gnit would shut the hell up.”

Review: ‘O Guru Guru’ Is Creative and Maybe A Little Profound

“It’s unfailingly charming, entertaining, and creative.”

Review: In ‘Appropriate,’ the first act overshadows everything

“Tension builds plausibly from the semi-comic opening scenes to the dramatic explosion that results from the revelation that the clan’s father might have been something much worse than just emotionally disturbed.”

Review: ‘Cry Old Kingdom’ is profound on many levels

“It’s a dramatic illustration of the way political repression undermines and corrupts human relationships.  It’s also a forceful illustration of both the futility of attempting to remain apart from life and the cost of doing so.”