Experimentation versus Survival

  WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: The larger institutions are changing their ways. There was a perception of survival over evolution. But that’s changing. What are the new models. Non-profits struggle with giving subscribers new and familiar things. We’ve got to do more than just the familiar. There’s always a conflict there.

Is Theatre Falling Behind Other Narrative Media?

  WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: The economics of film has pushed a lot of people into TV. And show you’re thinking of, chances are pretty good that a playwright has been involved. There are significant differences between the forms. One of the downsides of theatre is that it goes away – even if everyone loved […]

Director: Why do audiences resist?

Why do audiences resist stories told unconventionally? During intermission of Friday night’s performance of Appropriate, HumanaFest guest director Lila Neugebauer (O Guru Guru Guru) offered her perspective on what the visual arts have done right–and what theatre artists can learn from it. WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: American theatre hasn’t done a great job in helping […]

What is Success for a New Play?

  WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: No one can take away a good review from a playwright. That’s success. Success is finding bigger audiences. Will anyone watch? How do I get my work seen by people who don’t live in my city? Having a production that’s good is a definition of success. Plays and playwrights need […]