Reviews: Strengths And Stumbles In Six Plays

“Branden Jacobs-Jenkins manages something rather astounding: he speaks to an audience exhausted from family plays and race-relations-themed plays, and makes us take another look at a genre we thought we’d had enough of.”

HumanaFest in Six Words

Our colleague Lou Harry is one heckuva wordsmith — and he’s always up for a creative challenge.  In that spirit, I asked him to write six-word reviews for each show in the festival.  Here’s what he came up with:          O Guru Guru Guru…          Twisted life straightened via […]

Influenced: Playwrights and directors recall the one who got them here

“I learned it by watching you!” a 1980s anti-drug PSA once accused. Why artists make the work they do is an existential query no amount of bloviation could ever fully answer — no tolerable amount of blovation, at any rate.  But recalling who inspired them to devote their lives to the often lonely, financially uncertain […]

‘Delling Shore’ Disappoints; ‘Appropriate’ Thrills

“Downtown Louisville seems nearly as proud of its theater this weekend as its college basketball teams. ‘Enjoy the Humana Festival,’ a security guard at my hotel said Friday upon noticing my red lanyard. And the energy created by the mixing of industry types and eager locals is enjoyable indeed, even if my first day’s offerings […]

Swollen Egos Stride the Stage

“The most intriguing works in the festival, now under the direction of Les Waters, take the audience on engrossing journeys through the thick underbrush of the human psyche as it is shaped by family, society and the divided impulses of the self.”

Review: Which Play Should You See This Final Weekend?

“As a rule, I’ll take big, audacious plays over smaller, safer ones—even if ambition sometimes leads to missteps.”

‘The Delling Shore’ Is *That* Play

“One of my students said that it was a good thing the play had no intermission because half the audience would probably have left.”

Lou’s Harry’s Engine 31 review: The Delling Shore

From the opening moments, you know that things are going to bypass testy and go quickly to hostile in Sam Marks’ play about an unsuccessful writer, Frank, trying to land an apprenticeship for his daughter, Adrianne, with Frank’s former friend, successful novelist Tom. Frank and Adrianne are the not-particularly wanted guests at the rural home […]

The $64,000 Housing Question

Sam Marks’ play The Delling Shore mentions in its opening scene that “Charles Van Doren” is rumored to live down the road from one of this angry drama’s central antagonists. That reference hit home for me, since I live in New Haven, Connecticut, and, if the rumor is true, the summer home setting of the […]

Chris Arnott’s Engine 31 Review: The Delling Shore

  The Delling Shore is one of those plays on words where bitter aging writers squabble about who stole whose ideas, who sold out, who deserves fame more, and who’s the bigger asshole. That the setting is a tranquil country house in a rural town. The name of Charles Van Doren, the alleged genius 1950s […]