Robert Schenkkan Wins ATCA’s Top New Play Award

Schenkkan’s play about Lyndon Johnson’s dogged campaign to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 received the top award of $25,000 and a commemorative plaque during the 37th Humana Festival of New American Plays at Actors Theatre of Louisville tonight (April 6).

New Play Awards: Lumps-In-Throats

Four playwrights won awards Saturday night in Louisville, and it’s a big deal. Playwrights are the heart of the Humana Festival. Recognition by the American Theatre Critics Association is a big boost. And the checks that come with these awards aren’t insignificant either. Robert Schenkkan won ATCA’s top award – the Harold and Mimi Steinberg/ATCA […]

Backstage Quits Reviews: Some Reviews Of This Announcement

The art of theatre criticism suffered another blow this week when the trade publication Backstage announced it was getting out of the theatre criticism business. [View the story “Backstage Ends All Reviews” on Storify]

Flying In Your ‘Sleep’ [VIDEO]

A preview of ‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ from director Amy Attaway.

Teching ‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’

” For those of us seeing the bits and pieces for the first time, rehearsal is art. Sometimes more interesting art than the finished product.”

Almost Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Engine 31

“Engine 31 is a ‘cousin’ of the original Engine 28. Like Engine 28, Engine 31 will bring together a diverse group of arts journalists to cover a single event over a short period of time.”

‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ Uses Science As An Inspiration [AUDIO]

The three one-acts that make up “Sleep Rock Thy Brain” rely on new info about the science of sleep.

Will Eno and the terrible fate of being understood

“It seems that the search for the self has had a good hundred year run, or 150 year run here, and I thought maybe some slight corrective was needed,” says Eno.

The unconventional upbringing of ‘O Guru’ playwright Mallory Avidon

“To prepare for life as a playwright, she bought a portable orange record player that was delivered to her just last week. ‘It’s something that will make any hotel room feel like home immediately,’ she said.”

In ‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ three one-acts delve into the science of sleep

The actors really fly in “Sleep Rock Thy Brain,” which “features airborne actors trained by ZFX Flying Effects, the Louisville company that handles flying effects for Broadway shows and tours.”

‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ flies into Louisville [VIDEO]

How is flying the perfect metaphor for what happens in the brain during sleep?

Interview with ‘Cry Old Kingdom’ playwright Jeff Augustin [AUDIO]

“What is the role of an artist during times of great tyranny?”

An interview with ‘Appropriate’ playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

“Disturbing secrets are revealed and the siblings clash over clutter, debt and family history.”

Will Eno explores identity in ‘Gnit’

“It’s not necessarily identity in a political sense. It’s more about phrasing it as a question: ‘Do I exist?’ That isn’t meant to be too philosophical, but just the way a kid might say it or think it.”

Discovering Haiti: Immigrants’ son explores time of oppression

“In middle school I started reading about Duvalier and the Tonton Macoutes (the paramilitary force). It was a time of tyranny, and I became fascinated with it, especially considering the way my mom and grandma romanticized Haiti.”

Sitting In On Rehearsals Before The Plays

At Actors Theatre of Louisville, apprentice Samantha Beach sits in on rehearsals for the five productions at this year’s Humana Festival.

An Interview with Humana Festival Playwright Sam Marks

WFPL’s Erin Keane spoke with playwright Sam Marks about fatherhood, success, and his play’s journey from draft to the Humana Festival.

Here comes Humana: The 37th annual Festival of New American Plays

The Festival is not just for locals. Last year alone, nearly 40,000 people attended a Humana Festival performance, representing more than 32 states and several countries.