Reviews: Strengths And Stumbles In Six Plays

“Branden Jacobs-Jenkins manages something rather astounding: he speaks to an audience exhausted from family plays and race-relations-themed plays, and makes us take another look at a genre we thought we’d had enough of.”

Review: ‘Gnit’ Plays Well With A Classic Tale

“In one particularly inspired move, Eno conflates the crowds of citizens who mock and harass Peter into a single role named Town, handled here with terrific multiple-personality comic brio by Danny Wolohan.”

HumanaFest in Six Words

Our colleague Lou Harry is one heckuva wordsmith — and he’s always up for a creative challenge.  In that spirit, I asked him to write six-word reviews for each show in the festival.  Here’s what he came up with:          O Guru Guru Guru…          Twisted life straightened via […]

Critics’ Round-up: O Guru Guru Guru…

O Guru Guru Guru, or why I don’t want to go to yoga class with you By Mallery Avidon Directed by Lila Neuberger This subversive assessment of the craze for spiritual enlightenment has an odd structure. The first part is basically a lecture delivered (but to whom?) by a 30-year-old woman, Lila (Rebecca Hart). … […]

Swollen Egos Stride the Stage

“The most intriguing works in the festival, now under the direction of Les Waters, take the audience on engrossing journeys through the thick underbrush of the human psyche as it is shaped by family, society and the divided impulses of the self.”

Review: ‘O Guru Guru’ Is Creative and Maybe A Little Profound

“It’s unfailingly charming, entertaining, and creative.”

Review: Which Play Should You See This Final Weekend?

“As a rule, I’ll take big, audacious plays over smaller, safer ones—even if ambition sometimes leads to missteps.”

Lou Harry’s Engine 31 review: O Guru Guru Guru…

A small play wrapped in colorful costuming, Mallery Avidon’s intimate production is a triptych of very differently structured scenes. The first is a direct-address would-be lecture/confessional from a woman with confused experiences growing up in and out of an ashram. For the second section, we are taken inside the ashram for a patient, meditative look […]

Chris Arnott’s Engine 31 Review: O Guru Guru

    Some theaters aspire to be as comfortable as a living room. Will you settle for a yoga studio? When you enter the Victor Jory Theater on the second floor of the Actors Theatre of Louisville complex, the audience is asked to hang their coats on racks, which are wheeled into a side area […]

Review: ‘O Guru Guru Guru’ an emotional onstage pilgrimage

“Avidon makes some courageous explorations in juggling several worlds that are part of our current culture. What idols can we turn to when we feel unsure about our lives?”

The unconventional upbringing of ‘O Guru’ playwright Mallory Avidon

“To prepare for life as a playwright, she bought a portable orange record player that was delivered to her just last week. ‘It’s something that will make any hotel room feel like home immediately,’ she said.”