Reviews: Strengths And Stumbles In Six Plays

“Branden Jacobs-Jenkins manages something rather astounding: he speaks to an audience exhausted from family plays and race-relations-themed plays, and makes us take another look at a genre we thought we’d had enough of.”

Training Up (Or Up And Away) The Apprentices

“They are the lifeblood of this organization,” says Zan Sawyer-Dailey, casting director for the Actors Theatre of Louisville, which programs the festival. “We’re looking for people who are really hungry, not just hungry to be actors but to know the theater.”

Reviews: Coming To A Theatre Near You (Maybe?)

“No matter how unlikeable they are or how repugnant their choices, we come to understand how they got to be that way, which makes their ugliness and and their pain impossible to dismiss.”

HumanaFest in Six Words

Our colleague Lou Harry is one heckuva wordsmith — and he’s always up for a creative challenge.  In that spirit, I asked him to write six-word reviews for each show in the festival.  Here’s what he came up with:          O Guru Guru Guru…          Twisted life straightened via […]

Rise, Shine, Repeat: A Day in the Life of an Acting Apprentice

Sarah Grace Welbourn needs sleep. It’s 5 o’clock on the final Friday of Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Humana Festival of New American Plays. The acting apprentice is curled up in an office chair off a quiet stretch of Market Street. Her eyelids are half lowered and she blinks languidly, like a housecat. She’s been up […]

In Previews: ATL’s Apprentice Actors

  The Actors Theatre apprentice program is known nationally for its rigorous training and strong performances. This year it’s expressed in the sleep-themed triptych Sleep Rock Thy Brain. The Humana Festival marked the end of their training with a performance for 25 industry reps — casting directors and talent agents who may hire them soon. ATL […]

Learning to Fly

March Madness has double meaning. Sure, Kentucky is basketball country, but it’s also home to one of the best regional theatres in the country. Right now, trucks are tearing through the city honking in celebration of the Cards going to the Final Four, and the Humana Festival is throwing its wrap party. Toss up on […]

Flying In Your ‘Sleep’ [VIDEO]

A preview of ‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ from director Amy Attaway.

Teching ‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’

” For those of us seeing the bits and pieces for the first time, rehearsal is art. Sometimes more interesting art than the finished product.”

Review: Which Play Should You See This Final Weekend?

“As a rule, I’ll take big, audacious plays over smaller, safer ones—even if ambition sometimes leads to missteps.”

‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ Uses Science As An Inspiration [AUDIO]

The three one-acts that make up “Sleep Rock Thy Brain” rely on new info about the science of sleep.

The ATL Apprentice Company: Niceness Counts

“We’re probably the country’s only practical training program,” boasts Michael Legg, the director of the Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Apprentice Company for the past six years. This troupe of young actors helps keep the Humana Festival—and, indeed, the year-round Actors Theatre of Louisville season—running smoothly. Apprentice Company members are chosen through a rigorous audition process, […]

Lou’s bourbon-fueled review: Drink rocks my brain

As a rule, I don’t drink before or after seeing a play. Not really as a rule, but more like as a practice. I’ve got many reasons, not the least of which is that a) I have to be aware of what I’m watching in order to process it coherently and b) I usually have […]

Review: ‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ combines inventive one-acts

“For director Amy Attaway, ‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ proves an ambitious undertaking. She was able to wrangle a good deal of order into the evening, which included nearly 25 actors in essentially three productions fused together.”

In ‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ three one-acts delve into the science of sleep

The actors really fly in “Sleep Rock Thy Brain,” which “features airborne actors trained by ZFX Flying Effects, the Louisville company that handles flying effects for Broadway shows and tours.”

‘Sleep Rock Thy Brain’ flies into Louisville [VIDEO]

How is flying the perfect metaphor for what happens in the brain during sleep?