Advice: Money savers, pizza pick, and more

1. Your hotel will want to charge you $20 or more a night for parking. But that’s for suckers. Instead, park at the Actors Theatre lot, pay your $8, and leave the car there for as long as you like. You’re welcome. 2.  Impellizzeri’s pizza = serviceable. Spinelli’s is far better, has a funkier basement atmosphere, is […]

Downtime: Hopping at Hillbilly Tea

Saturday night after all the curtain calls, stars and industry guests of the Humana Festival, plus everybody else, crowded into the hipster drinkery Hillbilly Tea, where they serve highball in Ball jars. How many cast members of The Delling Shore can you spot below?

Downtime: The view from the bridge

Got an hour or so between Humana shows? Sure, you could hang out in the lobby interacting with fellow theater lovers. Or visit the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, the Frazier History Museum or the 21C Museum Hotel, all within walking distance. And, of course, there are plenty of eating […]

Dining Review: ATL’s basement eatery upgrades to MilkWood

One surprise this year for returning Humana-ites may be the conversion of ATL’s convenient-but-unexciting downstairs bar and eatery into Milkwood, a fine-but-still-fun dining establishment crafted by Executive Chef Edward Lee. Between shows on Saturday afternoon, I stepped down into a comfortable space, brighter than its previous incarnation, with more (if tighter) seating. Reds and blacks […]

The $64,000 Housing Question

Sam Marks’ play The Delling Shore mentions in its opening scene that “Charles Van Doren” is rumored to live down the road from one of this angry drama’s central antagonists. That reference hit home for me, since I live in New Haven, Connecticut, and, if the rumor is true, the summer home setting of the […]

Ramblings: On sitting through a play that isn’t working

I always hold out hope. I do. The inorganic revelations? The inconsistent character traits? The shifting focus? The line that the author must have been so proud of when putting it on paper that he or she couldn’t bear to cut it? The clichés? Somehow, in the time remaining before blackout, these will be revealed […]

Humana-advice: Picking an audition piece

Planning on auditioning for the Actors Theatre of Louisville acting intern program? According to Michael Legg, who honchos the program and claims to have seen some of these hundreds of times, here are the plays to avoid if you don’t want to deliver an overused monologues. Dog Sees God Proof Doubt Gruesome Playground Injuries Anything […]

Humana Memories: When You Close Your Eyes, What Do You Remember?

When I moved to Indianapolis back in the mid-1990s, I had no idea what to expect from my new home’s regional theaters. But on the drive from Philadelphia, I consoled myself with the knowledge that, if nothing else, I’d be just a few hours drive from both Chicago (whose theatrical pedigree needs no introduction) and […]

Louisville, Start Your Engine!

We, the intrepid first two Engine31 journalists, blew into Louisville around 5 p.m. on Thursday and found our Marriott hotel. Which was not as easy a task as you might think. There are, we quickly discovered, NINE different Marriotts in downtown Louisville. We got it on the second try. Of course, all those hotel rooms, […]