What The Hell is a Dramaturg?

An attempt to squeeze the job description into one sentence, or one tweet – with some associated questions about why it’s not dramaturge.

Experimentation versus Survival

  WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: The larger institutions are changing their ways. There was a perception of survival over evolution. But that’s changing. What are the new models. Non-profits struggle with giving subscribers new and familiar things. We’ve got to do more than just the familiar. There’s always a conflict there.

Is Theatre Falling Behind Other Narrative Media?

  WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: The economics of film has pushed a lot of people into TV. And show you’re thinking of, chances are pretty good that a playwright has been involved. There are significant differences between the forms. One of the downsides of theatre is that it goes away – even if everyone loved […]

Taking the Measure Of HumanaFest

  New plays. Easy to say. But what new plays? Why these new plays? How to do these new plays? And to what purpose these whats, whys and hows? There’s new work produced everyday. And there’s a boom in regional new play festivals. Having never been, I had always imagined the Humana Festival at the Actors Theatre of […]


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Robert Schenkkan Wins ATCA’s Top New Play Award

Schenkkan’s play about Lyndon Johnson’s dogged campaign to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 received the top award of $25,000 and a commemorative plaque during the 37th Humana Festival of New American Plays at Actors Theatre of Louisville tonight (April 6).

Congratulations Nate Pederson

Nate Pederson has won the drawing for a trip to Indianapolis. The drawing was made Friday night at 11 PM from entries submitted at the evening performance of “Appropriate” and picked by Courier-Journal arts critic Elizabeth Kramer. Mr. Pederson gets an Indianapolis Family Fun Adventure for 2 adults and 2 children, a value-packed package sponsored by […]

What is Success for a New Play?

  WHAT’S IN THIS VIDEO: No one can take away a good review from a playwright. That’s success. Success is finding bigger audiences. Will anyone watch? How do I get my work seen by people who don’t live in my city? Having a production that’s good is a definition of success. Plays and playwrights need […]

Prize! You Can Win!

The Courier-Journal is offering the opportunity to win a prize at tonight’s performance of Appropriate. The contest invites participants to summarize the play in six words by writing that summary on a Post-It note at the end of the performance. More details in Elizabeth Kramer’s Courier-Journal blog.

Louisville, Start Your Engine!

We, the intrepid first two Engine31 journalists, blew into Louisville around 5 p.m. on Thursday and found our Marriott hotel. Which was not as easy a task as you might think. There are, we quickly discovered, NINE different Marriotts in downtown Louisville. We got it on the second try. Of course, all those hotel rooms, […]

An Interview with Humana Festival Playwright Sam Marks

WFPL’s Erin Keane spoke with playwright Sam Marks about fatherhood, success, and his play’s journey from draft to the Humana Festival.

‘The Delling Shore’ revels in awkward character roles

“It’s a game that allows the players to match their wits and conduct some of their own crude psychological analysis. The game can suck audience members into these characters, further prompting them to make guesses based on the moves each player makes.”


‘Appropriate’ examines racism

“With the expert direction of Gary Griffin, that premise of how racial issues are ignored or easily obscured in American society is never heavy-handed. It is ubiquitous and disturbing as it is in real life.”

Here comes Humana: The 37th annual Festival of New American Plays

The Festival is not just for locals. Last year alone, nearly 40,000 people attended a Humana Festival performance, representing more than 32 states and several countries.