HumanaFest in Six Words

Our colleague Lou Harry is one heckuva wordsmith — and he’s always up for a creative challenge.  In that spirit, I asked him to write six-word reviews for each show in the festival.  Here’s what he came up with:          O Guru Guru Guru…          Twisted life straightened via […]

In Previews: ATL’s Apprentice Actors

  The Actors Theatre apprentice program is known nationally for its rigorous training and strong performances. This year it’s expressed in the sleep-themed triptych Sleep Rock Thy Brain. The Humana Festival marked the end of their training with a performance for 25 industry reps — casting directors and talent agents who may hire them soon. ATL […]

Critics’ Round-up: O Guru Guru Guru…

O Guru Guru Guru, or why I don’t want to go to yoga class with you By Mallery Avidon Directed by Lila Neuberger This subversive assessment of the craze for spiritual enlightenment has an odd structure. The first part is basically a lecture delivered (but to whom?) by a 30-year-old woman, Lila (Rebecca Hart). … […]

Appropriate in Six Words

Some plays generate a lot of talk. Branden Jacobs-Jensen’s Appropriate is about family and legacy and secrets and shame. And even though the word is only used twice in the script, it’s also about lynching. Difficult subjects all. How do you tell your friends what this play is about? We asked Saturday night’s sold-out audience […]

First Look: 6-Word Summaries of Appropriate

Family reunions aren’t really that fraught… are they? We asked the audience at tonight’s performance of Appropriate to sum up the play in 6 words.  Then you posted those snapshots on the lobby wall along a kind of spectrum: from “Like My Family” to “Not Like My Family.” We’ll choose a winner tomorrow. Meantime, here’s […]