Still Waters: An Interview with Actors Theatre of Lousville Artistic Director Les Waters

Les Waters was named Artistic Director of Actors Theatre of Louisville in 2011. But the first full season that he has programmed for the theater — and that  means not just the Humana Festival but a seven-show September-to-February slate — ends April 7 with the close of the 2013 Humana Festival. His lineup for ATL’s […]

See Me After Class: Paula Vogel on Playwrights as Teachers

The weekend shouldn’t have to feel like school. But a Humana panel discussion Saturday  morning stayed safely within ivy towers, even though its most revered participant has taken her work to the streets. Paula Vogel was the key panelist in the “Playwright as Teacher and Student” discussion in the Actors’ Theatre of Louisville’s Pamela Brown […]

A Web of Tale-Spinning

The plays of Humana 37 are a diverse lot, admirably so. But it’s not that hard to pick out a prevailing theme: myths and legends. From the grounded yet magical odyssey of Gnit to the generations-old family secrets and cultural traditions of Appropriate to the spiritual storytelling of O Guru Guru Guru to the indoctrinations […]

Chris Arnott’s Engine 31 review: Cry Old Kingdom

It’s hard to know what to think about Jeff Augustin’s spare human drama of turmoil and unrest and shattered hopes in 1964 Haiti (“a couple of hours outside of Port-au-Prince”). It’s hard to know because this misshapen production keeps shifting its acton from the center to the fringes. It buries important plot points within understated […]

Chris Arnott’s Engine 31 review: Appropriate

In Appropriate, lifetimes of simmering sibling rivalries and just plain enmities come to a hate-filled head in a stage scenario we’ve seen countless times before: family members gathering to disperse possessions, settle differences, and moneygrub for newfound treasures following the death of a parent. But you’ve never seen it like this. Of the half-dozen full-length […]

A Few Hundred Other Things you Could Call a Theater Restaurant

The downstairs eatery at Actors Theatre of Louisville is under new management and has been renamed Milkwood, a title reminiscent of a Dylan Thomas play. (It’s only a matter of time before someone uses the phrase “undercooked Milkwood” in a review.) The name of the previous restaurant in the space was Intermezzo, which is the […]

The ATL Apprentice Company: Niceness Counts

“We’re probably the country’s only practical training program,” boasts Michael Legg, the director of the Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Apprentice Company for the past six years. This troupe of young actors helps keep the Humana Festival—and, indeed, the year-round Actors Theatre of Louisville season—running smoothly. Apprentice Company members are chosen through a rigorous audition process, […]

Downtime: Hopping at Hillbilly Tea

Saturday night after all the curtain calls, stars and industry guests of the Humana Festival, plus everybody else, crowded into the hipster drinkery Hillbilly Tea, where they serve highball in Ball jars. How many cast members of The Delling Shore can you spot below?

The $64,000 Housing Question

Sam Marks’ play The Delling Shore mentions in its opening scene that “Charles Van Doren” is rumored to live down the road from one of this angry drama’s central antagonists. That reference hit home for me, since I live in New Haven, Connecticut, and, if the rumor is true, the summer home setting of the […]

Chris Arnott’s Engine 31 Review: O Guru Guru

    Some theaters aspire to be as comfortable as a living room. Will you settle for a yoga studio? When you enter the Victor Jory Theater on the second floor of the Actors Theatre of Louisville complex, the audience is asked to hang their coats on racks, which are wheeled into a side area […]

Chris Arnott’s Engine 31 Review: The Delling Shore

  The Delling Shore is one of those plays on words where bitter aging writers squabble about who stole whose ideas, who sold out, who deserves fame more, and who’s the bigger asshole. That the setting is a tranquil country house in a rural town. The name of Charles Van Doren, the alleged genius 1950s […]

Critical Debate: To Read or Not Read The Play First

Chris: Okay, I’ve got homework tonight. Lou: No, you don’t. You don’t have to read plays before you see them. Chris: I do, you know. I’ve always done it. Lou: I would suggest that, in most cases, especially at a new play festival, it’s counterproductive. Why would you want to rob yourself of the primary […]

Humana Memories: When You Close Your Eyes, What Do You Remember?

When I moved to Indianapolis back in the mid-1990s, I had no idea what to expect from my new home’s regional theaters. But on the drive from Philadelphia, I consoled myself with the knowledge that, if nothing else, I’d be just a few hours drive from both Chicago (whose theatrical pedigree needs no introduction) and […]