The iPhone as Chorus

imageThe 13 year old is sitting on the couch when she pulls out her iphone to post to instagram a photo of a lynching: the woman next to me in the audience gasps.

We’re watching Branden Jacobs-Jenkins play “Appropriate.”

It’s not just her. You can feel the audience shudder with recognition. In that moment suddenly the broader world enters the theater. What was a family secret could suddenly go viral. The twins consequence and conscience suddenly enter the theater.

In short, this little piece of technology has suddenly functioned as a classical chorus.


  1. Jonna Mackin says:

    Very interesting because the chorus in Greek plays functions somewhat as an amoral commentary by a group that is saturated in cultural mores. So we miss the actual role of the chorus by not hearing their speech but can imagine what twitter feeds and blogs might report lightening speed about her post. Not something that Greek choruses had access to really.

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