Learning to Fly

March Madness has double meaning. Sure, Kentucky is basketball country, but it’s also home to one of the best regional theatres in the country. Right now, trucks are tearing through the city honking in celebration of the Cards going to the Final Four, and the Humana Festival is throwing its wrap party. Toss up on which celebration will get rowdier.

ATL’s big gala also means there are only about three more weeks left in the season. Three more weeks until the acting apprentices go back to New York City or Chicago or L.A. Three more weeks until they have to brave that cold world without being able to commiserate with their buddies every day.

This morning, they performed Sleep Rock Thy Brain, a show for which they spent hours with the company ZFX Flying Effects learning to fly. It’s super cheesy — and probably due to my own sleep deprivation — but I couldn’t help but think figuratively and get kinda sentimental. Being an apprentice means being broke and being exhausted, but it also means bonding with a group of people who know exactly who you were, who you’ve become and what you went through to get from point A to point B. It’s like being a freshman in college all over again.

Coming down is the hardest thing, yeah. Hope they fly crazy high for the next three weeks. Like the song says…

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