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A small plimgresay wrapped in colorful costuming, Mallery Avidon’s intimate production is a triptych of very differently structured scenes. The first is a direct-address would-be lecture/confessional from a woman with confused experiences growing up in and out of an ashram. For the second section, we are taken inside the ashram for a patient, meditative look at its rituals and practices (where audience members are invited to take off their shoes, accept a pillow, and sit on the stage floor). The third, which has its own surprises, is a more conventionally primarily two-character theatrical scene.

By defining its own rhythm, taking its time, undermines expectations of audience participation, and finding a fitting and proper conclusion that neither makes too much of too little of the protagonists situation, the ideally cast “O Guru Guru Guru” sparkles in surprising ways. It’s the kind of specialized piece that’s difficult to imagine getting a better launching pad than the Humana Fest.

O Guru Guru Guru or why I don’t want to go to yoga class with you
Through April 7
By Mallery Avidon. Directed by Lila Neuberger. Scenic Designer: Andrew Lieberman. Costume Designer: Asta Bennie Hostetter. Lighting Designer: Brian H. Scott. Sound Designer: Darron L. West. Puppet Designer: Jay Tollefsen. Stage Manager: Sarah Hall. Dramaturg: Sarah Lunnie. Casting: Judy Bowman. Performers: Rebecca Hart, Daphne Gaines, Maya Lawson, Kristin Villanueva, Gisela Chipe and Khrystyne Haje.


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