A Web of Tale-Spinning


The plays of Humana 37 are a diverse lot, admirably so. But it’s not that hard to pick out a prevailing theme: myths and legends.

From the grounded yet magical odyssey of Gnit to the generations-old family secrets and cultural traditions of Appropriate to the spiritual storytelling of O Guru Guru Guru to the indoctrinations of Cry Old Kingdom, there’s a sense of odyssey and epic storytelling to the 2013 Humana series.

Of the other two plays, The Delling Shore doesn’t spin a yarn but is literary to its core, while Sleep Rock Thy Brain evokes bedtime stories and horror-film narratives,
There’s plenty of chaos and confusion to be had in these plays, but it’s nice to have them ordered by such strong narrative tendencies, ones which reach back to fables and tales of antiquity.

This is indeed a storied year for Humana.


  1. Jonna Mackin says:

    I thought the common theme was identity seeking and defining.

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