The $64,000 Housing Question

Sam Marks’ play The Delling Shore mentions in its opening scene that “Charles Van Doren” is rumored to live down the road from one of this angry drama’s central antagonists. That reference hit home for me, since I live in New Haven, Connecticut, and, if the rumor is true, the summer home setting of the play would be in Cornwall, Connecticut, where the reclusive scandal-torn Van Doren has reclusively resided for decades.
Nice geographic choice on the part of Sam Marks. Cornwall is a bucolic, sleepy town in Litchfield County, 45 minutes from New Haven (and, indeed,from anywhere else). The population is under 1500. Lots of insecure, past-it writers have called the area home over the last century or so.
There’s also,very little to do in those summer houses other than read, play games and look at the stars. Which, to be shore, is what the Delling denizens do.

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