Downtime: The view from the bridge

Got an hour or so between Humana shows?

Sure, you could hang out in the lobby interacting with fellow theater lovers. Or visit the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, the Frazier History Museum or the 21C Museum Hotel, all within walking distance.

And, of course, there are plenty of eating and drinking establishments in the ATL environs where you can bide you time.

But once you’ve exhausted those options–why not stroll over to Indiana, Kentucky’s neighbor to the north?

Not that there’s much waiting for you on the other side of the Clark Memorial Bridge, which lands in Kentucky just a block away from Actors Theatre. Just a spattering of hotels and restaurants. Still, especially at dusk, the view of lit-up Louisville from the bridge is a good one. And graffiti mid-span on the eastern side walkway encourages you to yell something meaningful, which can prove a cathartic activity.

Surely you can think of something.

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